Outfit repeating is in!


In a culture shaped by fast-fashion, one of the biggest modern-day crimes you can commit is to wear the same outfit on Instagram or TikTok more than once.


In fact 1 in 6 adults said they would not re-wear an outfit if it’s been posted on social media and 49% of females said they felt self-conscious re-wearing the same outfits to work. The stigma around re-wearing clothes has become deeply ingrained. 



The harmful effects of the fashion industry are no secret. An easy way to combat the impact it’s having on our planet is to embrace the notion of repeating outfits and celebrating this. 



85% of all textiles end up in landfill each year, by building a capsule wardrobe that you can mix, match and repeat you will be saving landfill space. 1,6000 gallons of water are used to make 1 pair of jeans, this is the equivalent to 10 years of drinking water. When you toss out those items you only wear once they often end up in densely packed landfills where they don’t get enough oxygen to biodegrade properly. Lack of oxygen leads to decomposition through anaerobic digestion—a process that involves microorganisms breaking down the organic matter while producing harmful gases like methane. Produced consistently and uncontrollably, methane escapes into the atmosphere, harming our planet. 



You might not realise it but even if you resist the urge to buy one garment, it can help the planet in the long run.



So what’s the answer? A big part of this puzzle is buying quality clothing that is made to last - clothing that you will wear again and again with confidence. Being mindful of your consumption and choosing ethical brands where possible.


Outfit repeating is in!