This weeks Maverix Muse



Sophie Yong


When do you feel the most confident?


I feel most confident when I’m wearing something that expresses my personality while also being really comfortable. Im into layers, coats, baggy pants, big jumpers, sneakers - all those comfortable things! When I’m comfortable, and feel good about my hair, my skin and my outfit - that’s when I feel my best . I also love adding an accessory to my outfit, something as subtle as earrings or a necklace, a matching bag or hat, for me can really elevate something I’m wearing and make me feel good.





What's your go-to wardrobe staple?


My go to wardrobe staple are my black Levi dad jeans. I got them a size up and tailored so they fit in the right places. Jeans can be hard to find perfect fits so it’s special to me that these are personalised to how I wanted them. Plus they are a great base bottom that go with most of my other pieces of clothing.



What’s your most treasured lifetime item & why?


I have a few: 

1. My blue Jordan’s, I’m obsessed with these shoes and love that they are a unique, statement piece

2. My frisson knit, I wear this nearly everyday, it’s really versatile and will have forever

3. A custom long sleeve top made by my talented friend Sarah Tansey, it’s sentimental and timeless




What does being a sustainable consumer mean to you?


Being a sustainable consumer is something I strive to be highly conscious of. It means, to constantly check in with myself when investing in new pieces, ensuring what I’m buying is a necessity and not just impulse. Where I can, making sure I’m purchasing from local brands or 2nd hand, and if it’s brand new checking the company I’m purchasing from values sustainability, the material is sourced ethically / it’s fabric make up is sustainable.


It means to invest in pieces I know will last a lifetime. A rule I go by is 1 piece in, 1 piece out (either to tattys, recycle or donation) to avoid my wardrobe getting too hectic and to ensure I’m keeping tabs on how much I’m buying!



How can we be more sustainable consumers?


We can be more sustainable by avoiding fast fashion manufacturers. Consuming less - investing in higher quality, well-made pieces as opposed to cheaper options that’ll deteriorate more quickly.  We can invest in pieced that are timeless. Check where the fabric is manufactured and whether it derives from sustainable and ethical sources. Support local brands. Buy 2nd hand!

This weeks Maverix Muse