Easy ways to make your wardrobe sustainable


Over the years we’ve come to realise that our collective love affair with coveted clothes has been slowly suffocating the planet. Whether we’re ready to admit it or not, we’re now living in a world that needs to put climate change at the forefront of every conversation, especially when it comes to fashion. (To be honest, we have been for quite some time, but seeing floods devastate the homes of friends not too far from us, it’s starting to feel inevitable). The environment we live in can only cope with so much, and although we’re often removed from the chokehold of living in this corner of the world, our society is becoming increasingly addicted to consumerism, and our population is growing by the minute.

You only have to spend five minutes in a TikTok spiral before you’re greeted with a mass-haul from Shein, or even from our own locally-grown Glassons — one of the greatest greenwashers we ever did see. It can be confronting if you’re aware of how problematic this is for the future that lies ahead. But if you’re a young, impressionable teen, on the app with the intention of being influenced, this kind of consumption seems normalised. At Maverix, we think this kind of future is one worth worrying about.

Climate change conversations are challenging, and they’re not always the nicest ones to have. The reality of our future feels negative, filled with post-apocalyptic scenes that only movies can describe. With this space, it’s our intention to make this conversation a positive one that gives you hope in light of the future. We want to host voices that educate you, and give you tangible ways that you can help to make this planet the safe haven we love so dearly.

Ritual 1: Shop Less, Shop Consciously

Coming from a clothing store, this might seem a counterintuitive option for us to share, but we founded Maverix with the idea that collectively we all do need to shop a little less, and be a little more conscious when we’re doing it. When it comes to mass-consumption of clothing, the figures are alarming.

Recent studies have shown that a single garment will get, on average, just seven wears in its lifetime. Then it makes its way to a clothing donation bin if it’s lucky, or more likely the landfill, where unless it’s made of biodegradable materials, it will sit for an eternity. One of our core values is to take a look at our shopping habits, and look at how we might be able to buy less. That way we can realign our shopping budgets and afford to invest in more considered pieces when we do.

Ritual 2: Buy Carbon-Friendly Fabrics

Cool clothes don’t always have to be made from polyester (to be honest, most aren’t). If considering the environment, prioritise organic cottons and linens over manmade fabrics like nylon, or garments that make use of upcycled and recycled materials, or deadstock fabric — a way of using this alarming byproduct of the fashion industry.

You’ll find in this ritual, buying from brands that offer complete transparency is key. Not only will they be transparent about all elements of their supply chain — including labour practices and their overall brand intention — but you’ll also uncover what materials are being used to make your clothes, and where they’re being sourced from.

And while we would love to make it simple, it is worth noting that there are some fabrics that despite being ‘manmade’, can actually be some of the most beneficial for the environment. TENCEL™ branded lyocell and modal fibres are produced by environmentally responsible processes from the sustainably sourced natural raw material wood. Although daunting, the best practice if in doubt, is simply to ask.

Ritual 3: Invest In Simple, Trans-Seasonal Staples

I’m almost ashamed to think of all of the times in the past that I opened my closet, and descended into a downward spiral because I ‘had nothing to wear’. This spiral often resulted in a spur-of-the-moment fast fashion purchase that would see me through the next week. You can see how the pattern repeats itself.

Investing in simple staples is a life-changing habit, especially when they’re well-made garments that you actually want to wear — like the perfect oversized shirt, or a classic white tee. Style doesn’t have to be sacrificed either. The best looks often begin with building block pieces; especially ones that can see you through the seasons, as well as the years to come.

Ritual 4: Consider Your Clothing Mindset & Care For Clothes (Make Them Last Longer)

Many of us have been brought up in this world that considers a detachment from clothes; from how they’re made and from their true value. When you think about what you’re wearing right now, and reality that in some form, it is likely to exist for our eternity, it prompts a greater question about both its necessity and worth. When you truly value clothes you become more conscious of your impact. You also start to take care of them a little better too (meaning their life cycle lasts longer), and that’s worth celebrating.

Easy ways to make your wardrobe sustainable