This weeks Maverix Muse



Lily Powell


When do you feel the most confident?


“I feel most confident either when I wear something I’ve made or when I’ve put effort into an outfit that I love”







What's your go-to wardrobe staple?


“Honestly I might have to say my doc martens! I couldn’t decide on a staple piece of clothing and I will have my pair of docs for life! They are such a wearable, timeless and always trendy shoe! Vegan ones as well!” 




What does being a sustainable consumer mean to you?


“Not over consuming especially fast fashion brands. Buying less but also reaching for brands that may be more pricy, but are far more environmentally conscious” 



How can we be more sustainable consumers?


“As long as you are trying your best that is what matters. Some people can’t afford to reach for more slow fashion brands which is why thrifting is such a great alternative. Also just buying less in general - instead of buying 5 fast fashion items, invest in one high quality piece for the same price. Your wallet will thank you as well as the planet”






This weeks Maverix Muse