On a mission to help

ensure that the future

of retail is a more

responsible one.

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Sustainability is at our core and we’re constantly looking for ways to continue leading the charge on making better choices for the planet. The way we see ourselves helping with this mission is to help people shop more consciously and bring awareness of some of the less than desirable impacts our shopping can have. Shop Values

Slow Fashion

The cost to our planet when we make uninformed decisions is huge and that’s why we’re slowing down the process. All our collaborators, designers, people and brands are aligned with our vision and Maverix is the place where we all come together so you can shop in one spot to help make change.


Every brand that you see on our site is vetted by our founders and team of experts to ensure the fit is right.

We virtually meet designers and their teams to drill down what their visions are to ensure their values meet ours and yours. You can trust that every brand presented by us, has been handpicked to meet the standards we have set to be industry changemakers.

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